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Abstract Horizon

Holistic health through nourishing the body, calming the mind and strengthening the spirit

Nutrition and lifestyle counseling that aligns with your unique needs


You might be here because you're struggling with your relationship to food and your body. Or maybe your doctor recommended you talk to a dietitian for your health concerns. Or you're just curious to see what's out there in the realm of health and wellness. Regardless of what brought you here, I'm happy to have you. 

I work with people to strengthen their relationship with themselves through nutrition, mindset and overall wellness. What is "wellness"? I consider it a set of practices around not only what we eat and drink, but how we move, rest, socialize, as well as our mindset around all those things. This all-encompassing approach can be referred to as holistic wellness, something I believe is crucial to support our health.

If this does (or even doesn't) sound up your alley, let's talk! I offer a free, 15-minute initial phone consultation to answer any questions and see what I can do for you. 

Have other questions? Contact me via email by filling out this form.



Eating Disorders

  • Binge Eating

  • Bulimia

  • Anorexia

  • Orthorexia

Integrative Women's Health

Looking at the whole self in order to determine and effectively treat the root cause of your condition via functional and integrative methods

Mental Health Informed Nutrition

Applying nutrition and holistic lifestyle interventions as an adjunct treatment with your mental health care team

Holistic Wellness

  • Wellness counseling

  • Optimizing lifestyle habits

  • Sleep and stress management

Ready for a  free initial consultation? 

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