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Mountain Lake

Holistic nutrition counseling for eating disorders, mental health-informed nutrition and weight-neutral wellness


You might be here because you're struggling with your relationship to food and your body. Or maybe your doctor recommended you talk to a dietitian for your health concerns. Or you're just curious to see what's out there in the realm of health and wellness. Regardless of what brought you here, I'm happy to have you. 

I specialize in helping people who struggle with eating disorders, mental health concerns and diet culture reconnect with their body and mind. To do this, I integrate intuitive eating concepts with functional nutrition and holistic wellness practices. 

If this does (or even doesn't) sound up your alley, let's talk! I offer a free, 15-minute initial phone consultation to answer any questions and see what I can do for you. 



Eating Disorders

Binge Eating




Mental Health and Trauma Informed Nutrition

Nutrition and lifestyle support for those with trauma histories, ADHD, anxiety and depression

Interventions and stratgies to support the work done with your mental health care team

Holistic Wellness

Weight Neutral Lifestyle Optimization

Sleep and Stress Management

Integrative Women's Health 

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